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The most beautiful and unusual places in Montenegro, it does not coincide with any of the ratings, as it is a non-tourist place. To get there, you will need a car for rent, not to get there by bus, and this is not just a point, you need to walk and enjoy it.

It is possible to list the wild beauties of Montenegro for a long time… but I will tell you about the most beautiful places for me personally, here my soul rests and my eyes rejoice in beauty.

The Comovy Mountains

This place is hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city and tourism, Mount Komovi does not sell any travel agency on the seaside, and it’s great!

And the mountains are a special world, where you finally stay one on one, begin to hear yourself and hidden desires, calm the nervous system, let go of the problems accumulated during the working week. Komovy’s wild nature, rich flora and fauna fill me with positive energy.

The Komovi Mountains in Montenegro were a discovery for me last year, and if I had a couple of weekends again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to these 3rd peaks, which are as beautiful as Durmitor’s or Prokletie’s Mountains.

Only 170 km from Budva, and you can smell the mountain herbs, hear the wind whistling, the murmuring of streams, the singing of birds…

The Prokletie Mountains and the Grebe Valley

Another wild place in Montenegro, where the civilization has recently reached. The Prokletie Mountains were declared a national park only in 2009, not receiving because of this promotion, funds, popularity among mass tourists. The place is still half-wild, interesting for lovers of trekking, nature and relaxation.

Among the looming Prokletiye rocks there are several valleys where sheep and cows graze, and simple eco-catunas and restaurants have been built. For example, in Buckingham you will find beautiful Katun Maja Karanfil bungalows for 4 people, ask for a wood stove.

From Montenegro I advise you to go to the valley of Grebe through Albania (on the map), the new transit road will conquer you with a beautiful canyon, picturesque serpentines, the mountain river Tsievna and hospitable Albanians, be sure to pause in the village of Tamare for a cup of coffee / beer.

The village of Poseliani on Lake Skadar

In the past centuries the village in the bays of Lake Poseljani Skadar was a rich place, the nature awarded him a powerful waterfall, which helped to grind wheat and corn into flour for the huge edge! There were 14 mills here, which caused Montenegrins from all over the area to arrive by donkey or boat on the lake.

A century ago there were kafans, shops and even some kind of casino. Now, none of this is happening. The 1979 earthquake also changed the waterfall, and the Montenegrins no longer need to live that primitive life at the factories built in Podgorica and tourism in Budva.

Again, tourism did not affect Poseliani because of the unimportant road… The bus will not pass, only a car. Local residents, few of whom are left, built an asphalted road from the highway to the village at their own expense, but closed on the barrier.

At the same time, tourists are waiting for a closed circle can be broken by leaving the car on the upper road near the cypress trees and descending on foot for 15 minutes to the waterfall. I suggest you take a swimsuit and freshen up in the cold water in the hot summer.

I like to settle for a real picture of Montenegrin village, you can close your eyes and imagine donkeys on this bridge with bags of flour. Or women on a waterfall with laundry. But alas, everything has passed in the past.

The Saddle Pass at Durmitor National Park

50 km connects the regional cities of Zabljak and Pluzine, but you will travel for 1.5 – 2 hours because of the winding serpentine, rams and cows blocking your way. This road passes among the highest peaks of the Durmitor National Park and will leave an indelible impression in your memory!

  • Book a car (not a convertible), if you’re sure you can, spend the night in Zabljak to enjoy the mountains – the route here.
  • Buy a tour of the Grand Canyons, they take a minibus
  • I can advise a good guide-driver, who takes the Big Circle of Durmitor and River Canyons, the cost of such an excursion is 200-250 euros, depending on the season, places in the car.

Panorama of St. Stephen and Crvena Glavica Beach

I can admire the island-hotel from different points of view, but I like it – less known and hard to reach – at St. Sava’s Church. There’s an asphalt road there, but in the serpentines and buoys. Wedding ceremonies or romantic photo shoots are popular here.

But we come for the sake of silence, contemplation on the red rooftops of the Budwan Riviera and the islands in the sea. I especially like it in spring, late autumn with a bottle of wine and enjoy the view of live photo wallpaper.

And one of the favorite places in the Budva Riviera is located below this panorama – the bay with the beach of Crvena Glavica is often called Plaza Galija on the summer restaurant.

The place is amazing in its beauty – red rocks, emerald sea, and in the evenings – wonderful sunsets! And also near the island of St. Stephen, but in the distance, even in the summer with a cafe and beach equipment here a few vacationers.

Among the beaches of the Budwan Riviera, this one’s my favorite. At the end of May we were alone here, not counting the builders… The average size of Galka is on the beach of Galiya, but I still like to climb the right side of the cliffs and just admire the sea.

Beer Lake Canyon

Lake Piva is one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro. I advise you to visit it in the morning or afternoon in sunny weather, then it will look like a blue mirror surface. This artificial lake with several arms appeared on the site of the flooded Beer River during Yugoslavia, when the dam was built.

You can drive along his canyon if you gather in Ščepan Pole for rafting to Tara, or by connecting with a visit to Durmitor National Park. You can come to the town of Plužinje, rent kayaks or a motorboat, just swim on the beach, have lunch with tasty homemade cuisine in Ethno Selo “Izlazak”, and stay overnight in Buking.

Bukumir Lake in the Kuchkie Mountains

Montenegro has many mountain lakes of glacial origin, and they are much more interesting and unpopular than the accessible and tourist Skadar or Black Lake.

In April, I am waiting for the snow to melt on the road and go to the fairy tale – to the Bukumir Lake in the Kuchkie Mountains. In summer the picture will be not so picturesque, although trekking will be available because of the more pleasant climate, the routes in the mountains are marked. Read more about Bukumir Lake and the road to it here.

Sokolovo Gorge

In the deep Gorlo Sokolovo gorge there are two panoramic shops – these are the best photo wallpaper in Montenegro! Though I speak incorrectly, because under feet there is an air border with Albania. And all this mountain range – Prokletie or North Albanian Alps, in Montenegro – the youngest national park.

They don’t take bus tours here, only with a private guide, and then not with a Montenegrin, they know little about such places … Contact me, or rent a car and explore the route here.

The Crnojevicha River with the path to Obodska Cave

Many people recognize the Crnojevicha River by this bridge of 1853 and by the winding panorama of the “Horseshoe”. Someone takes a boatman here to admire the variety of birds, lilies and old bridges, houses made of grey stone.

Rare travel agencies take you on a trip here because of the serpentine, I know only about the tours of RTours and, whose buses have been seen repeatedly.

But if you get to these parts, you will be able to see something like this from the picturesque bends of the river. Buy a tour to the Crnojevicha River and Skadar Lake here.

If you are going to go to the river by yourself, then stock up on good shoes and clothes for a little hike. The most interesting thing on the river Crnojevicha is hidden from the eyes of a tourist in the village of the same name.

Walk along the trail to the Obodska cave or at least to the old mills and mini waterfalls – read more here. There you will also see the river in its pristine form, not swampy, but purest, stormy and icy even in summer. Local guys in it cool down in hot summer.