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Everyone knows that Italy is a luxury part of our planet. It is here that the most famous, amazingly beautiful places for rest are located. The country conquers with its charisma, amazing landscapes, cuisine, lifestyle of local residents.

Unique location of the country, because it is cozy on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on the other hand, the mountains covered with relict trees rise, borders France, Spain, Switzerland, has internal borders with the Vatican.

Italy is an uncompromising choice for paradise holidays. It is easily accessible by land and water. There is a large marina, as well as a complex network of highways along the coast, which provides easy access.

Sights in Italy are the property of world culture. For many centuries the country has been a center of cultural, religious and educational life. The old part was built in the second century BC. Almost all castles and architectural buildings are open for tourist excursions.

Here you can find delightful decorations and interior items of ancient Rome, basilicas, palazzos and cathedrals. Modern structures are no less bright and eccentric, in scale and originality are not inferior to the ancient buildings.

Tip for country guests: what to look at in Italy in three or four days

Tourists who visit the country for the first time, tend to see most of the sights in one trip. The pressing question is what to see in Italy, what are the key places visited by guests? Analyzing the feedback from tourists, statistics of visits, experts of travel agencies have identified the main iconic places to visit in Italy:

  • In Rome, visit the Colosseum and the largest fountain in the city.
  • A trip to the Vatican is a city-state.
  • In Milan, visit a performance at the La Scala Opera House.
  • In Naples eat pizza “Margarita”, “Neopolitano” or with seafood.
  • In Venice, immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the carnival (the event takes place from the end of January and ends in early February).
  • Shopping in Milan.
  • In Florence, visit one of the best art museums in the world – the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Ancient Pompeii, to see with their own eyes the majestic outlines of Mount Vesuvius
  • In Tuscany taste delicious wine and aromatic olive oil.
  • Take a walk on the white sand on the coast of Grosseto.

This is just a small list of attractions in Italy, which will allow you to slightly reveal the veil of beauty, grandeur, wilfulness and immensity of the country.

Historical sights of Italy

The list of the main architectural sights includes more than two thousand constructions and buildings, which please the eye of tourists from all over the world. It will take several months to see them all.

Historians have come to the aid of the historians, who have identified the largest and most memorable monuments-architectures, which make an indelible impression on those who see them:

  • The Roman Colosseum leads the list of Italian treasures. It is an ancient theatre that embodied the evidence of the greatness and cruelty of ancient Rome.
  • The city of Pompeii and its tragic fate is described in many scientific and artistic books. Its history ended in 79 AD. In just one day, Vesuvius destroyed the lives and homes of its inhabitants, turning a thriving city into ruins.
  • The Valley of the Temples of Sicily is a vast excavation site. This place has not been fully explored yet and conceals many mysteries, most of which date back to the 5th century BC.
  • Pantheon (Rome) is a temple of all divine creatures, was built in 25 BC. The famous artist and architect Raphael is also buried here. There are no windows in the building. They are replaced by a round hole in the dome. By the way, you can visit the Pantheon absolutely free of charge.
  • The Roman Forum (Rome) is an unshakable proof of the pompousness of the Great Empire of Rome. Destroyed buildings excite the imagination of modern architects, because they were built almost by hand, without the use of technology. Here the remains of numerous temples and basilicas are preserved;
  • Agrigento or the temple of the goddess of consent is considered to be one of the most preserved structures of the past. It is believed that it was built in the 5th century BC. Unfortunately, it is impossible for ordinary tourists to get inside, but from the outside it is no less delightful;
  • The Pisa Tower, or the falling tower, has long ago acquired a mysterious halo. It serves as a bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Tourists should know that the duration of the tour should not exceed 30 minutes. Independent walks are forbidden, only if accompanied by a guide. Before climbing up the tower, tourists leave their personal belongings downstairs to reduce the load as much as possible. Babies under 8 years of age are not allowed to enter the building;
  • Milan Cathedral, built in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the same time it can accommodate up to 40 thousand parishioners. The cathedral is built of white marble in the Gothic style. It is recommended to climb to the observation deck;
  • The Vatican is one of the most famous enclaves in the world. Here you can see the Pope, visit the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Cathedral. The height of some buildings reaches 136 m, and the length of the aisles – 211 m.

The best places to enjoy nature in Italy

Italian nature is no less fascinating than its architecture. Only beaches and grottoes, caves and gardens are worth it. The most popular places for visiting tourists are the following places:

  • The Roman Botanical Garden is located on more than 10 hectares. There are thematic gardens, which provide unforgettable landscapes and impressions;
  • The Adamello Brent National Park is located on the Adamello and Brent mountain ranges. It is one of the largest in the country, has a variety of flora and fauna. There is an amazing red lake Tovel;
  • The Azzura Grotto can be visited if you take a boat trip from Marina Grande. Its peculiarity is that the sun’s rays penetrate the cave from below, refracting in the streams of water. During a storm, the cave is closed because of the possibility of sinking;
  • Boboli’s Renaissance green gardens in Florence are second only to Versailles. Here are the original sculptures of Michelangelo, Giambologna, Lorenzi, Salvinia and other geniuses of architecture;
  • The gardens of August are landscaped gardens, located in Naples. Here you can enjoy not only the beauty of plants and trees, but also the legendary rocks of Farallioni and the azure Mediterranean Sea;
  • Of course, it is impossible to leave without attention the beautiful architectural constructions intended for carrying out of hygienic procedures. The famous Roman baths are a cultural place where philosophers shared their thoughts, and orators and curators pronounced state and world doctrines;
  • The Sicilian reserve of Jingaro became home to more than 39 species of birds. For those who wish to stay here for a long time there is a guest house.

Religious attractions of Italy

The top of the most amazing temples in Italy include ancient and modern buildings. The buildings located in the Vatican occupy an honorable place. A lot of books and even films have been written about the beauty and grandeur of the construction. In addition to the Vatican, pilgrims from all over the world seek to visit the following places of strength and faith:

  • St. Bitonto Cathedral is dedicated to St. Valentine’s. The cathedral was built in the 12th century and is delighted with its arrogance and impregnability;
  • In the heart of Tuscany is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It stands out among other buildings by the original construction of the dome. After a visit to the cathedral is not necessary to leave the city immediately, you can go for a walk on the bridge called Ponte Vecchio;
  • In Rome, it is worth a look at the Basilica of St. Peter. Here are the great monuments of architecture, it is a spectacular heritage and the only one in the world;
  • Lombardy is the Duomo Cathedral, built in the Gothic style with romantic spires. In the evening, a special lighting is switched on, which adds even more grandeur to the building;
  • In Sicily there is another ancient cathedral. It was built in honor of the Virgin Mary, combines several directions: Gothic, Norman and Arab architecture.

Italy can be called a large open-air garden museum. No matter what city, street or neighborhood you visit, everything is imbued with history and beauty. Everywhere you can find unforgettable panoramas, and, what to hide, beautiful locations for photography.

Planning what to see in Italy, try to give preference not to the number of memorable places seen, and deep study. This will allow you to feel the unique atmosphere of the place, which may give inspiration for new steps in your life.

Surprisingly, the study of the country continues today, because there is still so much unexplored and mysterious. Although archaeologists work two or three seasons a year, they have not been able to explore everything: underground theatres, tunnels and strange giant depositories. Probably, during the travel you will become witnesses of the next discovery of historians.